Kamis, 14 Februari 2013

List of Free Blog Directories to Increase Backlinks

List of Free blog directories to increase backlinks. Blog directory is a website that provides unrivaled facilities for the purpose of construction of link (link building) where website owners can do the installation link and do a link exchange. Most web or blog directory requires that put their blog link on our blog, (in the form of reciprocal link) in the form of image or text link. There is also to put meta tags in the template, there are also certain to post the code in your blog post (example; technorati).

As the first start, Make sure you add your blog URL’s to all of these FREE blog directory sites:

1 technorati.com
2 www.bloggernity.com
3 www.bloghub.com
4 dir.blogflux.com
5 www.globeofblogs.com
6 www.bloggapedia.com
7 www.blogarama.com
8 www.blogcatalog.com
9 www.bloggingfusion.com
10 www.bloggeries.com
11 www.topblogarea.com
12 tracker.icerocket.com
13 www.myblog2u.com
14 www.getblogs.com
15 www.bloggernow.com
15 www.blogs-collection.com
17 www.topbloglists.com
18 www.lsblogs.com
19 www.blogion.com
20 www.blogtoplist.com
21 www.fuelmyblog.com
22 www.sgblog.com
23 www.5starblogs.com
24 www.weblog-index.com
25 www.blogoriffic.com
26 www.blogpoint.com
27 www.bloggertalk.net
28 www.eblogzilla.com
29 www.myblogdirectory.net
30 www.blogelites.com
31 www.mybloggingarea.com
32 www.aveblogs.com
33 www.goblogz.com
34 www.blogshowoff.com
35 www.blog-search.com
36 blogvillage.gotop100.com
37 www.search4blogs.com
38 www.bizseo.com
39 www.bloggers.com
40 www.blorner.com

Well for those of you who have never used these techniques in SEO blog, I suggest immediately register your blog in the web directory. because it is very successful to bring quality links.

Besides the blog directory above, there is also a Submit to RSS feeds directory. usefulness of RSS Submission, well of course as we do the submission to the RSS Directories, indirectly can increase Google Pagerank. And of course, we get a free backlink from the RSS Submission Directories. there are some rss feeds directory that powerful to me:

on blogspot, I've explained the default feed URL that you can submit to the RSS feed Directory below. I explain a lot about this in the forums, so you can interact directly with me.
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